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DXN Canada's Membership options:


Membership of $ 43.50 Canadian Dollars

  1. Includes DXN Business Kit and 1 Lingzhi Coffee 3 en 1.

  2. Requisite: 18 years old and a Sponsor's CODE: 180005288 - Gloria Beatriz Marañón Rendón







Membership of $ 30.50 Canadian Dollars

  1. Includes DXN Business Kit Only.

  2. Requisite: 18 years old and a Sponsor's CODE: 180005288 - Gloria Beatriz Marañón Rendón

How to join DXN Canada:




1.- You Must Download the DXN Application Form: CLICK HERE
2.- Fill the form and send it to the following FAX number or E-mail:

FAX number :   1-519-967-1974

E-mail :

* Sponsor's CODE : 180005288

Sponsor's Name : Gloria Beatriz Marañón Rendón


3.- Then call this number to confirm receipt of the Fax or E-Mail, TEL: 1-519-967-1522 

   The Address of the Canada DXN's Headquarters is:

Daehsan Canada Inc.
3950 Malden Road
Windsor, Ontario
N9C 2G4

4.- You will be given your Member Number.

   The amount you should consume only what your budget limits, the affected area and the time of his illness, taking into account that the more you take, the faster you will see improvements in your health.

   Taking into account that if it were to have any reaction and is not tolerabe only your dose until the situation pass and then back again to the dose and gradually increase it had halved.





1.- You Can Register Online in this Website :


2.- Click CONTINUE


3.- Select your country and click in CONTINUE

4.- Your Sponsor´s Code:

*  180005288   -   Gloria Beatriz Marañón Rendón


5.- click CONTINUE


NOTE: Write down this info, you will need them later.

* Required field : Fill all requiered fields


7.- Click in CONTINUE.

8.- Click I AGREENote: Please Print this form

You will generate your own CODE DXN


  With your Code DXN, you can obtain DXN Products with your Membership Discount, morever you can use the same code in 172 countries without paying another membership in that nation.


   You have the option, if you may like, to create a large network of consumers that will ensure your financial freedom.


Take advantage of this great opportunity, that may change your health and lifestyle!

   In this link you can see which products are available in Canada:

Click to see description of products DXN Canada

DXN Canada Products - Beverages

DXN Canada Products - Coffee Products

DXN Canada Products - Nutrition

DXN Canada Products - Personal Care

DXN Canada Products - Water Treatment and Accessories

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